What’s up with all these Latrine Castronoids going to Havana for check-ups? | Babalú Blog

Timochenko the Colombian Fidel Impersonator

Two Latrine celebrities in one week!

First Evo (Hammer-and-Sickle-Christ) Morales goes to Havana for a medical check-up, now Timochenko the Impaler does the same thing.

Is this a publicity gimmick, a mere coincidence, or something else?

Why should a dictator and a murderous terrorist both choose to go for mere “check ups” in Havana at the same time?

Castro-trained Timochenko is the leader of the FARC terrorists in Colombia, well-known for their “systematic atrocities against civilians.”

Evo is best known for being Evo, the one and only, purveyor of Maximum Latrinity.

I don’t know about you, Midlred, but I’m putting my money on publicity gimmick.  This is most probably an attempt to make CastroCare seem like a wonderful medical system.

I might also place some money on secret meetings with King Raul.

Hugo Chavez was dumb enough to place his life in the hands of CastroCare but the results were so obviously horrid that even the dumbest of Latrine Castronoids would probably think twice now about relying on that same abysmal medical system.

Evo “Don Coca” Morales

From Granma South (TeleSur):

Colombian guerrilla leader Ivan Marquez, better known by his alias Timochenko, arrived in Cuba Wednesday to receive medical treatment for a cardiac infection.

Timochenko, the head of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, was brought to Havana for testing and has now fully recovered.

“After his medical check he told us, ‘my heart is in a perfect condition,’” FARC Commander Antonio Lozada told Caracol Radio.

Bolivian President Evo Morales also traveled to Cuba Wednesday for a routine medical check regarding a throat problem.

Whole thing HERE.

Cuban doctors in charge of foreign dignitaries’ check ups

Origen: What’s up with all these Latrine Castronoids going to Havana for check-ups? | Babalú Blog



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